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Pioneer DDJ-REV5 Review

First Impressions / Setting up The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 at first feels a bit cheaper than the very high-end REV7: It weighs a lot less (no motors built-in as it has static, CDJ-style jogs, not motorized platters), it’s a bit shallower, has rounded corners, and feels more plasticky. It’s a ...


Tiësto Drops Two Incredible Remixes

Tiësto is back with two more brand new remixes that have been lighting up his live sets lately. The first is a remix of Alok & Ava Max’s reimagining of the 1996 trance tune “Ayla” by Ayla called “Car Keys.” Anyone who has ever heard a dance music song immediately ...


Long Live Party Rock Remix

There’s a certain undeniable effect that LMFAO has had on electronic music that will stand the test of time. Their bright and electrifying tunes helped fuel parties all over. Co-founding member Redfoo hasn’t lost his lively spirit, and after recently returning with a collaboration with Dainjazone titled “Long Live Party ...


How To Get Your Music on Spotify in 2023

With over 381 million monthly active users, Spotify is one of the top streaming platforms for sharing your music. But how exactly do you go about getting your songs uploaded to Spotify as an independent artist? Use a Music Distributor The easiest way to get your music onto Spotify is ...


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