Social Media Mistakes That Could Cost You A Dream Job

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Most of us have a long history on social media and countless posts we don’t even remember writing which go back years.

Although the content you share on your personal accounts might only be intended for family and friends, many companies now look up potential employees as part of their checks during the hiring process.

Eliza Kirkby, regional director at recruitment firm Hays, has warned that your digital footprint could be unknowingly stopping you from landing your dream job.

Speaking to Seek, the expert shared her top three social media pitfalls to avoid – and many people are making at least one of the simple errors.

Inappropriate posts

Offensive posts made from your accounts may seem like an obvious one to avoid, but sometimes it’s the smaller things that you might not consider that trip you up.

Eliza said some companies will look at your interactions and how you communicate with other people and businesses on social media.

She gave an example, explaining she had seen a company opt against a candidate who had used inappropriate language while making a complaint online.

The timing of your posts

Perhaps most surprisingly, the recruiter said that it’s not only what we post, but when we post.

She said she knew of instances where a hiring manager had rejected an applicant for the job because he believed their profiles showed they had spent excessive amounts of time on social media during their working hours.

Contradicting your CV

Eliza said that if the work history you present on your application doesn’t match up with your online profile, employers would see this a huge red flag.

If you try to cover up gaps on your CV but your social media shows you spent your time very differently, it’s likely to throw up some awkward questions or ruin your chances altogether.

“The worst case, and we have seen it happen, is that you’re removed from the shortlist,” Eliza warned.

Eliza advised job-seekers to go through all of their profiles and delete anything they are having second thoughts over, as well as considering changing their privacy settings.

She said you should also disable the feature allowing others to tag you in posts that are automatically added to your profile to ensure nothing slips through the net out of your control.

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